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Want winning golf selections? We have got you covered. Introducing our golf pro.
Who’s Brady Kannon?

When he moved to work for KSFO Radio in San Francisco as a sports reporter, his career in athletics began in 1991. Before going to Las Vegas to work SportsFan Radio Network, for a nationwide network, he covered all Bay Area sports for 3 years.

Brady for 21-years has been producing tee shirts and left radio and running people to Las Vegas golf tournaments. In 2011, he captained Sans Souci’s 4-person Group and won The Las Vegas Hilton NFL SuperContest. They set the record for the greatest winning percentage in the background of this competition at 72.5 percent. Since winning The SuperContest, he has used my passion to marry his hobbies together with his profession. He came up with the idea to get a SuperContest Weekend and golf tournament to kick off the Westgate SuperContest and the football season. Brady appear with Ken Thomson on SportsXRadio, and appears regularly on radio stations throughout the nation to handicap NFL football, golf occasions.

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